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CES Dublin - Learn English in Ireland

Located in the heart of the lively city of Dublin, CES (Centre of English Studies) is one of Ireland's premier English language schools.

CES Dublin offers a range of English language courses, including Standard English Course, Intensive English Course, Business English Course, Cambridge Exam Preparation courses as well as Summer Junior Course.


CES Dublin offers a variety of activities after school and weekend for students to enjoy their stay in Ireland!

A variety of activities are offered such as city walk, Guinness Storehouse, Dancing, Museum, Weekend Trip, etc.

CES can promise you a most exciting and memorable stay.


At CES Dublin, Ireland, quality standard is assured by the following organizations:

MEI Ireland Eaquals IALC ALTO

For those looking to study English in the United States, Canada or England, more information can be found on the following websites: BSC London, LSC Canada or ELC USA. Also, check out ESL - Language studies abroad.